Tuckman was 1965. Today there's a new science-based team development code to build a highly successful team.

Tuckman’s forming – storming – norming – performing model was based on research data gathered from the 1930s, 40s and 50s prior to publishing in 1965. It does simplify complex team dynamics and describes developmental phases that many teams will still go through. It’s also easy to remember. So, much to like…

But it was originally designed for therapy groups and several researchers have recorded the model as less than perfect when used with workplace teams. In reality, it doesn’t actually help improve a team’s performance – although this was never its original purpose. Tuckman himself said, ‘This literature cannot be considered truly representative of small-group developmental processes’. We believe there could be a better way...

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presented by Psychologist, Entrepreneur and Team Development Master

It’s true. There’s a new and different way for you to build a highly effective team. It’s called the Team Up Playbook™.

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It’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because it provides you with a proven formula strongly grounded in academic research. It’s simple, memorable, entertaining, and easy to apply to teams of all sizes.

As you’ll see, it will improve your decision-making, speed, and efficiency by helping you build a more collaborative, adaptable, and fast learning team, and systems of teams, to help you succeed.

The best part of all, it doesn’t require you to invest a huge amount of time, expense, or complexity to your organisation.

You can create a thriving, single-acting team for which anything seems possible regardless of whether you are leading a virtual team, partially virtual, or an in-person one.

So, if you want to build a highly successful diverse team the Team Up Playbook™ will help steer your team through today’s uncertain and challenging times.

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Hi, I'm George Karseras

Founder of www.team-up.company, a teaming expert, psychologist and author of new book ‘Build Better Teams: creating winning teams in the digital age.’

I’m here today to help you do just what the book title says.

In other words, if you are a leader or aspiring leader I will help you to build a highly successful team through my compelling and practical team-building ‘code’ to galvanize and optimize team performance.

Around 5 years ago, I took a deep breath and began the job of unpicking, reimagining and replacing Tuckman’s model with what was to become The Playbook™ which is actually designed to improve any team’s performance. It’s doesn’t just describe the theory, as Tuckman does, it provides actionable steps, with sat-nav, to transform the team development process. The playbook is designed for teams with leaders who have leaders themselves and who share goals with other teams with leaders. Tuckman’s research was based on therapeutic groups who operated in a vacuum from other teams.

Following the Team-Up Playbook™ process will offer you the ability to manage your existing team far more effectively, and if you don’t currently manage a team but want to, this training will provide you with a skill set that will offer a massive advantage on your development journey.

Wherever you are in your career path, I wish you only success.

Best, George

The Team Up Playbook ™ for Team Development

It’s the only team-building course of its kind. It’s where you can learn and grow as a team leader and transform your team into a highly nimble, confident, cohesive and reliable unit.

Read on to see how it works.


Get Set

Mission + Plans + Disciplines

The team generates ‘swift trust’ by agreeing 9 ‘task-based’ commitments. Studies tell us each of these predicts team excellence, especially in the virtual team. The team quickly establishes proven foundations behind team success. Teams scoring well on the Get Set metric are clear on their mission, plans, and responsibilities and feel confident, aligned, and purposeful. They are ready to pivot and rapidly adapt to change and are in a great position to leverage their task-based trust to build deeper levels of interpersonal trust and higher levels of psychological safety in the next stage.


Get Safe

Vulnerability + Empathy + Learning

By building more interpersonal trust the team is better able to create higher levels of psychological safety. There are 9 behaviours that studies confirm enable team members to feel more supported, more able to express themselves, make more telling contributions, and to speak up if they have concerns. As a result team members share more of their knowledge and learn more rapidly. Studies confirm that the extra safety generated is necessary for the team to then excel in the next stage


Get Strong

Accountability + Constructive Tension + Experimentation

Here the team builds on the clarity achieved in the Get Set stage and the safety generated in the Get Safe stage to be able to achieve the necessary levels of constructive tension, accountability and experimentation that really drive results. Team members collaborate better, influence each other more assertively, and constructively challenge each other.


Get Success

Delivers + Adapts + Trusted

The team, now excelling in the previous stages is a highly nimble, confident, cohesive and reliable team that works exceptionally well with other teams. Nine measures of performance in this stage demonstrate that the clarity, agreement and alignment of the Get Set phase, in conjunction with the psychological safety generated in the Get Safe phase and the constructive tension created in the Get Strong phase now results in the team delivering consistently, being trusted by its stakeholders, and being seen to be highly adaptable in how it adapts and pivots to change.

So how much?

As mentioned, career-changing training of this value could easily cost £2,000 or more. (And that’s per day 😉

Remember, with Team Up  Playbook™ Academy you’ll get early access to every new course (and we have big plans 2022!) to quickly get your team-building skills fit for the new world.

You get all this.


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Whatever your industry, the principles of building a successful team remain the same.

We want you to be completely confident and excited to make this investment in your development. If, within 7 days you are not, we offer a 50% money back guarantee. We’d love to know why though – feedback good and not-so-good only informs our own improvement.

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